How To ?

These examples refer to tabs at the top of your page as TAB/subtab.

How to: 

Add your picture: Go to My Page/Update My Profile to find where to upload your photo or icon.

Start a blog: Go to Discussions/Ask A Question or Discussions/Begin A Discussion.

Check out what others are talking about: Go to Discussions/View All

Find an interest group: Go to Groups/View Join Group 

Start an interest group on a new topic: Go to Groups/Start A Group

Find if your friends are already members: Go to Members/Search Current.

Invite new members: In your sign-in box on the top of the right column, click on Friends-Invite. OR Click on Members/Invite Colleagues

Upload photos or videos: Go to Videos & Photos and choose Add Videos or Add Photos.  Be sure that you are sharing files within the TOS.

Upload podcasts or music: Click on Podcasts & Audios and it will take you to an "Add Music" page.  Locate the mp3 file on your computer and double-click that file to select it.  It will then show the title on the Add Music page.  Click "Upload".  After the file is uploaded, it will give you a chance to edit the information that shows up with your mp3 - make any changes, and click "Save".  Your music or audio file is now loaded on the site. Be sure that you are sharing files within the TOS.

Find Convention catalog listings, pre/post convention courses, faculty listings: Go to News & Archives and choose from the drop-down menu.

Chat with other members who are online: Go to the chat box shown in the lower right corner of your screen.

Sign up for the Convention Newsletter: Sign up with your name and email address in the "All the NGH News" box in the right-hand column on the home page.

Latest Activity

Ines Simpson posted a status
"And to see what I am up to-check out my Hypnosis-Everywhere every Wed 11.00am PST ( and then its there as a podcast)"
Jan 11
Ines Simpson posted a status
"Happy to see Tim Horn is doing a 2 day Post Convention on Simpson Protocol - awesome trainer and hypnotist"
Jan 11
Carol Denicker, BCH, CMI, OB left a comment for Thomas Santoro
"Welcome to Tom, Take a look around there is a lot to see! Sincerely,Carol Denicker, DirectorNew York Hypnosis Training CenterNGH Board Certified Consulting HypnotistNGH Certified Master Instructor, Faculty…"
Dec 12, 2017
Thomas Santoro is now a member of THE Hypnotists Convention
Dec 12, 2017

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