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Welcome to the NGH Convention Community -- Please Post Your Photo in Your Profile!

When we began this NGH Convention Community site a few years ago, we did so with the goal of building a community within the membership of the National Guild of Hypnotists. One of our objectives was to grow and expand all NGH member’s knowledge of the tools and techniques of social media networking, while another goal was to strengthen interaction among members in the months and weeks leading up to each year’s annual National Guild of Hypnotists Convention and Educational Conference.


With so many sharing members here on The Hypnotists Convention community site, and a year-round buzz of interaction, you have to think that this site is filling an important need for NGH members. Not only do you come here to share and exchange in the time leading up to the NGH Convention, but you post news, photos, videos, and comments throughout the year. You are clearly the heartbeat of the National Guild of Hypnotists and this is your community.


That’s why there is no better group than you to carry out the directive of the 2017 NGH Convention theme: The Power of Our Profession.


You keep the National Guild of Hypnotists vibrant and growing. You are eager and impassioned to grow both personally and professionally. And as you continue to utilize this internal community site, don’t forget to share with the world on the public website for the NGH Convention at:


The Long Island Chapter Invites Presenters

Started by Carol Denicker, BCH, CMI, OB in Untitled Category. Last reply by Carol Denicker, BCH, CMI, OB Jul 18, 2015. 1 Reply


- - Start Planning Today to Attend the 2017 Convention - - Aug. 11th-13th Marlborough, MA

Convention Catalog - In Menu Above Start Planning YOUR 2017 NGH Convention Experience TODAY!

Convention Catalog - Entire Catalog in the Menu Above
Start Planning YOUR 2017 NGH Convention Experience TODAY!

The Convention Catalog is off to the printers and will be on its way to you soon!  But... how would you like a sneak preview NOW?

You can review all of the catalog components separately, by clicking on the 2017 Catalog menu items above, or access the full catalog. If you're attending the NGH Convention for your first time or as your must-go-every-year annual event -- you can now start planning your schedule.  Be sure to check out the Personal Learning Goals Worksheet and the Day-At-A-Glance to plan what you'd like to attend.  If you want to see what your favorite presenters are offering, their course numbers are listed with their Faculty Bios, and full course descriptions are listed on the daily schedules.  If you're a Faculty member, you'll also find your course numbers and time slots on the Day-At-A-Glance

Come back to this site as we progress toward Convention for any news and updates.  The full catalog as a single pdf is available online here - Click for 2017 NGH Convention Catalog.

We also invite you to look for the pages, blogs and posts of the faculty members on this site and get to know your fellow Convention attendees!

You can register TODAY to join us this summer!

To attend -- you can register now - for the 2017 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention at: NGH 2017 Convention Registration

Make plans to join us in Marlborough, MA for another amazing professional educational conference!  

What Do We Love About the NGH Convention?

Comments from Previous Attendees
of NGH Conventions

NGH convention is second to none in terms of choice of classes, variety, expertise, learning environment. Very friendly - I made so many new acquaintances. I am taking home ideas, hints, tips and knowledge. I am experienced and comfortable in my profession and still learned so much. — Jo-anne Eadie, Brantford, Ontario, CANADA

Attending the convention is so valuable for learning the most up to date ideas and techniques as well as making profound life long change that only comes through the interaction with enlightening colleagues.

- Charles Clahasey, Norfolk, MA

A great place to see how different hypnotists work, how they think and what they do. To get new tricks and to be inspired.

- Margareta Hessling, Falon, Sweden

Even after 14 years, I always learn something new that I can use in my practice.

- Lucinda Flint, Worcester, MA

I always learn something that can make by business even more productive, enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones.
- Susan Hastings, Norwich, VT

I came all the way from Hong Kong to attend this convention for the first time. The only comment I have is that I am going to save up again so that I will come back next year!
- Au Wing Man Vivian, Hong Kong

It's always worth coming half way round the world from Dubai to attend your amazing convention. There is always something new even after 14 years. - Beryl Comar, Dubai, UAE

Nowhere else could I get the smorgasbord of highly skilled teachers and trainers to learn state of the art techniques and knowledge that will help me and my clients in my practice like the NGH. I have belonged to another hypnosis organization, but this one "takes the cake"! - Debra Kroy, Lambertville, NJ

So much great information. It was so much fun to see the technique other people use and their own creative flair. Helps so much in creating my own style as it continues to expand and evolve.
- Tami Grossens, Morganton, NC

The convention is always an "upper"! I've come to regard it as the great start to a new year (rather than the January New Year).
- Lucy Portlock, St. John, VI

There is never a shortage of new techniques and innovative discoveries at the NGH Convention. The annual conference affords every hypnotist the opportunity to develop and grow as the organization itself continues to develop and grow - an event not to be missed! - Michael O'Hara, Astoria, NY

Well-prepared speakers with productive and current information. A great convention to network with sincere people fully interested in excelling in their hypnosis profession. —Rev. Karen Kober, Dublin, PA

NGH's conferences have been an important source of learning and growing in my professional & personal growth. I love attending every year. —Debbie Papadakis, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

The NGH convention continues to be a superior investment of time, effort, and money. The workshops are well designed and executed. The courses are top rate. —Lee Pelletier, Nelliston, NY

This was my 8th convention and I still come away inspired. —Robert Felix, Bellevue, WA

A diverse experience for every level of hypnotist. A one of a kind experience in the art of hypnosis. This is the only experience with so many views on what hypnosis is and how it works. —Larry Garrett, Chicago, IL

People are friendly, plenty of offerings to sample from. There are some wonderful giving experts among us. Great benefit for the price. —Susan Raskin, Yorktown, NY

Dr. Damon and the NGH Staff always put together the most educational, inspiring event of any kind out there - so much all in one place. This year was one of the best. —George Guarino, Albany, NY

Excellent as usual! I will apply what the experts have so generously shared & quantum leap my business in new realms with effectiveness and quality. —Tere Baker, Freeland, WA

As usual, my head is spinning with all the new and exciting ideas I've gained from the convention. I'm taking home some concrete, practical, useful information which will help me to help my clients starting Monday! —Linda Paquin, Hampton, NH

This was the best convention - the presenters that I went to were all excellent and interesting. —Joan Katz, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The convention is always revitalizing. I leave with so much new information and an increased excitement about this amazing profession. Thank you. —Dianne Elliott, Maumelle, AR


So many lectures, classes and certifications to choose from. Well done. —Ann Marie Sochia, Raleigh, NC

An abundance of information in a congenial atmosphere. Very inspiring for a new professional. —Cindy Brown, Brown Summit, NC

Every year I learn current information as well as make valuable professional connections to help move myself and my business forward. —Sharron Magyar, Chattram, IL

As a relatively new clinical hypnotist, this is my first NGH and WOW! I was completely impressed with the quality and variety of the programs and presenters. I can't wait until next year! —Christine Jones, Oklahoma City, OK

The presenters' styles ranged from the very entertaining and witty to a more straightforward didactic style, and no matter their presentation style, all provided gems of wisdom and insight which will shape my ongoing development as a professional. —Rachel Raucher, Corinth, TX

The convention was incredible, a great variety of presentations covering a wonderful array of topics and aspects of running a successful hypnosis business. —Karen Knight Detering, Holliston, MA

Every NGH convention is a uniquely wonderful experience. For me - it's a necessity. —Rhoda Kopy, Toms River, NJ

Valuable opportunity to explore new techniques and to witness what other professional hypnotists are doing. Numerous experiential activities that enhance the learning experience. Supportive atmosphere in which everyone is courteous and eager to help! —Florine LeComte, Portsmouth, RI

A wonderful environment filled with information and camaraderie. You're sure to learn and make new friends. The knowledge and experience of the presenters and their willingness and availability to share makes this a fun and unique conference. —Thomas Campbell, Franklin, MA

The speakers and the other participants are friendly, enthusiastic and eager to share their knowledge. Thanks for setting the tone. —Zane Szurgot, Fleetwood, PA

The convention is the best way to keep abreast of developments in the field & network with other hypnotists. —Marcia Landsman, Cortland Manor, NY

Whatever your hypnotic situation, the convention can meet that need. The presenters are top of professionalism, know their craft well and have great clients. As long as I breathe, I will find a way to be here, a wonderful family. —William Gleason, Middlesex, NY

The NGH convention is like the best family meeting there is. Love, laughter, hugs and incredible skills available all around you! —Francois Gerland, Bonnac, FRANCE

Every year is a new opportunity for growth and I learn something new at every convention to incorporate into my practice. —Linda Diggins-Domina, Manchester, CT

Outstanding! I found everything I needed to stop procrastinating and re-kick start the journey to be more successful with hypnosis. —Orman Tripp, Rock Springs, WY

Valuable information, knowledgeable presenters, friendly atmosphere and comfortable location. The NGH convention feeds the mind, nourishes the practitioner and encourages the newbies. Open, friendly. —Barbara Blinn, Franklin, NH

As always, the convention is a great source of information and provides a wonderful, accessible means of learning. There is an extensive variety of workshops, topics to explore and it is the perfect way to sharpen and hone one's skills. And it is fantastic to see old friends and make new ones. —Pamela Hughes, E. Falmouth, MA

It costs me a lot to travel half way around the world from Dubai to be here, but the personal cost of not attending is not even worth considering. —Beryl Comar, Dubai, UAE


Blog Posts

Have you an interest in learning more about Hypnosis and Alzheimer’s?

Posted by Martin Kiely on August 8, 2017 at 7:30pm 0 Comments

Come and join this compelling 2 Hour Workshop at the NGH Convention 2017


NGH Convention Workshop #22044

Saturday 12th August at 2PM

Your Workshop Presenters:

Robert L. Bayliss, CI, CMT

Ruth G. Garrett, Ph.D.

What you will…


John Cerbone says, Please join me at my programs at the NGH Convention 2017!

Posted by John Cerbone on August 8, 2017 at 12:43pm 0 Comments

Please join me a this year's NGH Convention for my programs!
John Cerbone’s 2017 NGH Convention Presentations:
Saturday August 12th – 4pm – SEMINAR: 21044 – Power Pre-Talks – Insider Secrets For Hypnotists…

My annual #NGH17 Convention Poem...enjoy!

Posted by Wendy Packer R.N.,CI, OB on August 6, 2017 at 6:12pm 0 Comments

As the #NGH17 convention nears…                                        

All hypnotists begin to cheer!

Learning, sharing for 3 days straight plus so much more to celebrate!

Tell your friends…come one come all

To hone their craft and have a ball!

~ Wendy Packer

Hypnotic Beauty Secrets #66: Talk Powerfully To Your Body

Posted by Wendy Packer R.N.,CI, OB on August 6, 2017 at 5:49pm 0 Comments

by Wendy Packer

Oh Charismatic, Youthful and Beautiful One:

Our worldwide online community of Hypnotic Beauties and Hypnotic Charismatics continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

If you are new here, welcome! If you’ve been with us for years take pride!

In “local news,” we are in…


Hypnotic Beauty Secrets #65: Hypnotic Charisma Hacks

Posted by Wendy Packer R.N.,CI, OB on July 20, 2017 at 8:11pm 0 Comments

O Beautiful, Youthful, Charismatic One!

Coming up Fast! August 11 – 13! The National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention We sure hope so! Click here to enroll. Sign up today! It’s the biggest, and the best hypnosis convention in the world!

But wait! There’s more!

We will conduct our near-legendary certification course — expanded from one to two days — at the NGH…


Hypnotic Beauty Secrets #65: Hypnotic Charisma Hacks

Posted by Wendy Packer R.N.,CI, OB on July 2, 2017 at 9:26am 0 Comments

O Beautiful, Youthful, Charismatic One!

Coming up Fast! August 11 – 13! The National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention! Click here to enroll. Sign up today! It’s the biggest, and the best hypnosis convention in the world!

But wait! There’s more!

We will conduct our near-legendary certification course — expanded from one to two days — at the NGH Summer…



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